Scale Tales #1

You've heard Paul talk a lot about his love for 3.75 in figures (watching hunt for "that one" at Comicon should be on National Geographic)! Well now take a trip into his collection (and his brain) to catch up with some of our favorite heroes and villains!    


Heeeeyo!  You guys 'meber me?  Im one of the many snake themed villains in the MU. I've got these coils I can use to do things. They can give peeps a zap or help me get shit from the higher shelves. Oh I can cook real good with 'em too! I'd like to be a chef. I tried being a good guy once for like three issues in the 90's but eff that noise. I haven't really done anything cool- oh one time hulk used me like a nunchuck!  You can currently view my work in the latest issue of Iron Fist (or maybe that was Omega Red? Meh. We'll see) where I'll either get knocked out by Iron Fist or murdered by Sabertooth (...I really hope it was Omega Red).


Hey folks!  It's good ol' Herman here! Can you believe they made a figure of me?!? If you see me in a comic, there's a 98% chance I'm getting my ass handed to me by Spider-Man, or the Avengers, Spider-woman, or hell, anyone really. I've joined more super villain groups then HS kids join bands. I'm available for kids bday party's! 1800 SHOCKER

Wrecking Crew.jpg

Hey!  We're the Wrecking Crew (sans Piledriver, he sucks anyway and is waaaay over priced) I gots' a magical Crow bar!  A frickin crow bar man! It's like Thor's, but less lightning.  These two mugs are strong as Asgardians or something. We've pretty much been beaten by every Marvel hero but still considered muscle for groups like the Masters of Evil. HA! We have Masters! Well, at least Thunderball dose. He's smart as fuck! Wrecker is really good at knitting, and ramming his head at things. They both snore real bad and eat my Totinos Party Pizzas.  I used to be Thor's personal punching bag, when I was a one man wrecking crew, then I ate all the pizza I wanted!  Those were the days...