Scale Tales #3

Scale Tales #03.jpg

X-Men Edition! 


MY RUBY RED LENSES HOLD BACK MY OPTIC BLASTS!  That sums me up. I have a lot of nicknames like, Cyclops, Slim, Cyc, One eye, Diamond eater, or "Dead mutant revolutionary figure who's time traveling younger self is cooler than me" guy. I've also gone by pocket Cyclops. I like that one. Its simple. Anyway, I'm dead as hell, but I got to wield the Phoenix force and murder my mentor Charles. Oh wait... that's bad. Uhh... one time I had a kid with Jean Grey... but she died too. Shit. Erm. Ah Wolverine hates me?  Ah hell, no one gets me. I miss the 90's...


Sup Bitches!  I'm riding a Sentinel cause we cool now! OK, so maybe Forge made it like me. I'm too busy leading the X-Men's fight against the Inhumans. Oh wait... no one's reading that arc... maybe I'm back with an X-team... Blue? Or is it gold?  I also miss the 90s...


Missing: Large turd-like object, invincible, super strong. Likes to yell about not being stoppable, but is always stopped. If found, please call Cyttorak God via email.
***UPDATE***  FOUND- but different. I look more like Bane now. Where do my tubes go? For those keeping score, Iceman just kicked my arse. ICEMAN?!?