Ep 0: Nerd Origins

Ep#00: Nerd Origins

Anthony, Paul, and Heath sit down to discuss the first books they ever read, their favorite characters, and much much more. 

"I'll add that to the posting" stuff! (captions by Anthony):

AT by Graziano

This is the drawing that my uncle did of me as a super hero! This may or may not be hanging next to my bed. 

This was the first series of comics I ever read. The same uncle who drew me as a Antman introduced me to comics with Death of Superman. I had no choice but to be a nerd. The Man of Steel can die?! Yes... for a little bit anyways. Read it... just Go to your local comic book shop, get it, and then read it!

Here is Air-Walker. He is ridiculous... and also a Herald of Galactus. 

I couldn't find the Silver Sable and Solo issue Paul was talking about, but here is Silver Sable... because reasons. This is from The Amazing Spider-Man #27 The Osborn Identity pt 3 by Dan Slott and drawn by Stuart Immonen! It's Silver Sable being bad ass and Spidey being all of us. Check it out!


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