AT's Pull List "Review" (06/07/2017)

Hey there fellow nerds!

Now I call this a review, but I'm not sure it can really be considered that. This is just me talking about comics that are on my pull list! Don't look for scores or anything like that, I love comics and talking about comics. Come love comics with me! Anyways, what an amazing week for comics it was! Bat and Cat, Darth Vader waking up to see he is… Darth Vader, and Kate Bishop reminding us that finger guns are the best guns. We also got a very exciting new title in Babyteeth. Some bitter sweet endings to titles like Bullseye, and teams like Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo with Doctor Strange, as well as Joe Kelly and Ed McGuinness with Spider-Man/Deadpool.


*WARNING* There are some SPOILERS ahead… so don’t rage out on me after reading this ok? We good? Did you read everything you wanted to before you read reviews? You sure? Ok, good, let do this! 

*DISCLAIMER* I am a human being that does have to work a normal person 9-5 as well as spend time with my beautiful wife (not to mention my bank account having a limited amount of funds), so as much as I may want to, I can’t read ALL the books. If I missed something you think I should jump into, let me know in the comments!

Let’s start with my top 4 of the week! (It was top 3... and then I read Doctor Strange #20. So, Bonus!)

Iron Fist #4 (Marvel)

By Ed Brisson / Artist: Mike Perkins

Ok, so if you’ve listened to the podcast (if you haven’t, you should, we’re delightful) it should come as no surprise that Iron Fist is my favorite issue of the week. First off, I love Iron Fist as a character in general, and second, I love old kung fu movies. Ed Brisson is simply killing it with this title and Perkin’s artwork is a perfect fit for the story being told.

This is the Danny that I (and safe to say most everyone) wanted when Iron Fist came to Netflix. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed the Netflix show and am excited to see where they go in Defenders and Iron First s2. That being said, I wanted Danny to be funny so bad! I get what they were doing, but throw in a joke every once in a while.

Brisson brings that humor along with a classic kung fu story. Danny has defeated 3 of the 7 Master’s Champions so far and absorbed their Chi. At the end of issue #3, Hark (Danny’s guide) is murdered and it is made to look like Danny killed him in cold blood. #4 opens with the Masters scrambling to decide if they should end the trial and eliminate Danny once and for all. Danny wakes up from the attack in issue #3 to find that he is being nursed back to health by a stranger who ends up being his next opponent, The Rabbit of the Holy Flame. This part made me so happy. Here is a fighter who is fighting not only for his master, but for Liu-Shi, and instead of taking advantage of Danny’s circumstances, he nurses him back to health so that he may have a true fight with the Iron Fist. How bad ass is that?! It also shows the honor that these champions (or at least this one) have. Their fight is a great one. The artwork pops in these fight scenes and all I want is more fighting! Once Danny wins, The Rabbit lets him know that he has been lied to. The Chi that Danny gets from the champions he beats is only temporary, and the only way he can truly regain the fire of Shou-Lao the Undying, is to return to K’un-Lun. That’s when Danny is confronted by his next 2 opponents, The Long Armed Bull and the Mountain Slaying Bear. Danny seems to put these two down with relative ease compared to the other champions. Danny is now on his way to meet his final (and I’d imagine, most difficult) opponent yet, The Devine Wolf.

In this issue we also get a back story of Lui-Shi and why they left K’un-Lun in the first place.

Go out and get this (and Iron Fist #1-#3 if you haven’t already) and experience a story unlike anything else in Marvel (or anywhere else I’ve seen currently)!

Babyteeth #1 (Aftershock)

By Donny Cates / Artist: Garry Brown

Babyteeth is exactly what you want out of a #1. Plain and simple. I read this the first time, loved it, read 2 more titles from my pull list, and then went back and read it again. It so easy to get lost in the artwork, there is humor and there is creepiness. Also, it made me yell “STAB THAT BABY IN THE FACE!” in public… which embarrassing yes, but that black eyed baby has got to go!

The story so far is told from a mother to her 1 year old child via cell phone video (don’t worry it’s not just a bunch of panels with mom’s face telling a story). She is telling her baby of the day he was born, and what a messed up day it was.

Sadie Ritter is 16 and pregnant and she has hidden it from everyone but her sister Heather (who just so happens to be the local bad ass/drug dealer). Sadie goes into labor shortly after Heather almost runs over some douche that is harassing Sadie about her preggo books (and trying to get drugs), and the Earth shakes with every contraction. WHAT?! That is terrifying! I will never know what it’s like to go into labor, but it doesn’t seem pleasant. Add in an earthquake every time you have a contraction and it seems like worst case scenario. And then she dies. WHAT?! Sadie goes to another plane of existence and is able to find her way out by following the sounds of her baby’s heartbeat. When she wakes up she is being handed her baby (the one with the black eyes that I said needed to be stabbed in the face) and the earthquakes have subsided. “Later a man would tell me, ‘The world trembled as the boy approached, and when he arrived, it cowered like a beaten dog.’”  That line still gives me chills. Sadie names the baby Clark (after Superman, not her great grandpa) and then it cuts back to present day, where Sadie is sitting in a crumbled altar of some sort in Palestine saying by the time Clark can see this, she will be gone.

I can’t wait for #2! The artwork is beautiful and the story telling is exciting, honest, funny, and terrifying. Make sure to check it out!

Batman #24 (DC)

By Tom King / Artist: Danny Miki and David Finch

Ok, so yes, a lot of comic book sites spoiled this 24 hours before it came out. I also raged a bit about this when I saw it on twitter. How could they spoil this for people who look forward to each issue? Well my theory… for clicks. Unfortunately in our internet based world, it’s all about getting clicks to drive traffic to your site. I get it. It sucks, but I get it. That spoiler was something that everyone knew would get a reaction. Batman is a lot of people’s favorite hero. People who don’t read comics love Batman. He’s had several movies, video games, and the best animated super hero tv show ever (Thank you Kevin Conroy for making our childhood awesome). Everyone loves Bats. Put up that he proposes and you have instant traffic. Put up that its Cat that he is proposing to, and everyone (including Kellyanne Conway? I mean, I’m glad she can read… but please don’t promote things I love… like ever again.) is going to lose their shit. That being said, Bat and Cat were not the main focus of this issue.

First off, I LOVE how Gotham Girl is written in this issue. Since she was introduced in I Am Gotham, she has been a side kick to her brother and a damsel going through a psychotic episode. The Bat Family is full of bad ass women (Babs, Kate, Cassandra) and with this issue, Gotham Girl became one of those women who challenge Bruce. This issue, like many of the issues in the Rebirth series, is more about Batman and why he is who he is. What goes on in the mind of the Bat. Gotham Girl, now cured, is wondering what Bruce thinks she should do going forward. Does she fight (even though using her powers takes away from her life force and will eventually kill her) or does she go ad try to live a normal life. She wants a straight forward answer from Bruce, but that’s never a thing. Instead he tells her why he fights. That telling her not to do something will only have the same effect as when Alfred told him not to put on the cowl; it falls on deaf ears. Bruce admits that he is afraid. Always afraid. I mean that’s what makes Batman… well, Batman! But it’s not just fear as Batman, it’s fear as Bruce Wayne as well. Bruce Wayne and Batman have lost so much (Bruce’s parents obviously, but also, if you are ever a Robin… you’re going to die) and that prevents him from doing things, like having a relationship. We saw the start (or progression? Who knows with those two crazy kids) of Bat and Cat’s relationship in Hush, but that ultimately fell apart (because of fear). Bruce does propose to Salina (with the diamond she tried to steal once) and then it ends. No answer. Does Salina say yes? Will it be like in Hush where they have a relationship that just falls apart at the end? Does she say no? So many questions going into The War of Jokes and Riddles.

Spoilers aside, this was a great issue. The spoiler was not even the main point of this story. Even though it did take away a bit from the book to know what the last few panels would be, the journey to those panels are so worth picking it up!

Doctor Strange #20

By Jason Aaron / Artist: Chris Bachalo

What an issue! Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo have been delivering with every issue this series, and this one is the perfect send off for them! This issue is told mostly from Zelma’s perspective, and I couldn’t be happier! It opens at a magic auction that happens to be selling a wand that made it through the Empirikul killing magic and Strange will get his hands (erm… paws? Snout? You get it.) on it. While escaping Morgan Le Fay’s goon, Magma Man, Strange is struck by a poisonous arrow while Zelma struggles to keep her new fly motor cycle in the air. They go through the Bermuda Triangle and are shot into Weirdworld! Zelma has to learn to fend for herself while trying to keep Strange alive. See Zelma finally come into her own within the magic realm, instead of being a scared victim of it like when we met her, is refreshing and exciting! She ends up almost sacrificing her own life to save Strange, but the Doctor can’t let people die if there is still an option available… even if neither he nor Wong want to. Speaking of Wong, it was sad to see him leave the Sanctum. Who is Doctor Strange without Wong? I mean, after Misery, the man deserves a vacation… a very long vacation. You can’t really blame him. It just will feel like the Sanctum is missing a big piece of it until he comes back. Strange has turned Zelma from normal librarian to being his new apprentice. Zelma can now see the world through her third eye, and if Chris Bachalo is drawing that world, of course you wouldn’t want to go back!

It is very sad to see Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo go from this title, but I am excited to see what their next title(s) will be, and I’m excited for the future of Doctor Strange!


Now let’s check out the rest of Marvel!


All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #3 By Gerry Duggan / Artist: Frazer Irving

All-New Guardians took a bit of a turn from the first 2 issues. Issue #3 is slowed down a bit and we get more into Gomora and what she is hiding. It goes deeper into Gomora’s hate for Thanos and what is driving her in this new series. Duggan is a master of making you double over from laughter one issue and making you think and appreciate a real human emotion the next issue (or more likely in the same issue. Screw it, Gerry Duggan is great. Period.) I’m excited to see this story unfold


Black Bolt #2 By Saladin Ahmed / Artist: Christian Ward

I will start by saying, I know very little about The Inhumans, and do have a hard time getting into the books. I do really enjoy this arc. I think Black Bolt is a very interesting character with a pretty messed up history. The concept of this prison where you are killed over and over until you don’t come back is very exciting to me (Niska from Firefly anyone?). It does rehash some plot point which tends to slow the story down a bit for me, but all in all I like it so far. I hope the excitement level ramps up in the next few issues and that the jailer doesn’t end up being Black Bolt himself… or Medusa.


Bullseye #5

By Ed Brisson / Artist: Guillermo Sanna

This was my favorite line of the Running with the Devil arc. Bloody, exciting, and funny as hell. Ed Brisson is simply killing it right now. This was a great end to the line and I’m very bummed to see it go. It is 100% Bullseye right up until the very end. A merc who only cares about his payday and making a little chaos for his own amusement. Thank you Ed Brisson for an incredible story. More Bullseye please!

Daredevil #21 By Charles Soule / Artist: Goran Sudzuka

Running with the Devil is over for DD. We now know that Purple Man (more specifically the Purple Kids) are the reason no one knows Matt Murdock is Daredevil (not even Foggy). Matt has a new plan to eliminate crime in New York once and for all, and it looks like it includes The Defenders! This is a good set up issue to what looks to be a very interesting story. Matt gets the help of Luke Cage and Echo (because Daredevil isn’t allowed to hit anyone or his case is worthless) to take down the Munition Militia. There some pretty awesome Luke Cage moments, and DD using Echo as his proxy so he doesn’t “Lay a finger on them” is pretty genius. The issue ends with DD taking the stand and being sworn in. Not sure how this will all play out, but I’m excited.


Darth Vader #1 By Charles Soule / Artist: Giuseppe Camuncoli

I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS STORY TO BE TOLD!!! Another Charles Soule title, so that makes me very excited as well. This new arc takes place after the 3rd Prequel movie that shall not be named. Darth Sidious has fitted Vader with his new armor, and that’s what Vader wakes up to. His wife is dead. He should be dead. He is now more machine than man. And he is pissed! He actually throws his master around using the force which is pretty awesome, and then Sidious reminds him of his place with some force lightning. The Jedi are dead, and while at a ceremony where they are destroying the slain Jedi’s sabers, Sidious tells Vader why the Sith use red sabers and more about the Kyber Crystals. Vader must now prove himself to be worthy by taking a Saber and making it worthy of a Sith Lord… and also get his ship. When he finds who stole his ship… well just read and see the awesome power of Vader.

Also, the little one shot No Good Deed is really funny. Nice little pallet cleanser after the main story. 


Hawkeye #7 By Kelly Thompson / Artist: Leonardo Romero

Kate Bishop is all of us! I love this title so much. It is probably the most fun I have while reading any Marvel title, if not just comics in general. Kate is lured into a trap with a necklace her mother use to wear. This issue give a lot of backstory for Kate and her relationship with her parents. This issue does force Kate to be a bit more serious than in previous issues (especially the issues with Jessica Jones), but she still manages to make you laugh using finger guns and being all around adorable. When she goes into the trap, it is bad ass Hawkeye time; and she is very bad ass. We should all be more like Kate Bishop. MORE PLEASE!


Jessica Jones #9 By Brian Michael Bendis / Artist: Michael Gaydos

I am really enjoying Jessica Jones so far. You can never be 100% sure as to where the story may turn and that makes it very exciting. Jessica’s… charm… is in full display in this issue. The bantering, the sarcasm, dry humor. It’s exactly what you want when you read Jessica Jones. The story that Bendis is telling of Jessica’s relationship with Luke and their baby is so grounded and real, you can’t help but get sucked in and feel really sad and equally frustrated with all of them.  The artwork by Gaydos is incredible. I could honestly just look at the panels and see a whole story from the art alone. It looks like the next issue will tie in with Secret Empire a bit, so I am excited!


Rocket #2 By Al Ewing / Artist: David Mack

Holy shit this was hilarious. So many references. Did you catch the Doctor Who reference in there? Jelly Baby? Also, I had to stop reading and catch my breath when Rocket’s lawyers just turn out to be an alien version of Nelson & Murdock. His main council Froggy and his partner (who got hit with a chemical that killed the “Echo-sense” that all Echomelian have and gave him weird scars on top of his head that instead allow him to see expressions instead of hearing a heartbeat) Murd Blurdock! Only Murd and the mysterious Seeing Being have the weird abnormality that allow them to see. The part that made me lose it completely? A Echomelian wearing an Elektra outfit, holding a Sai in one hand and a sign that says, “Come Fight Ninjas” in the other. Totally lost it. Too funny. The story itself is super fun and fast paced. Whether you are a fan of the Guardian books, or just the movie (I mean who could blame you, they are awesome) this is exactly what you want out of a Rocket story! All the fun!


Secret Empire #1 Various

I don’t want to talk bad about a book, because just because it didn’t connect with me, doesn’t mean it won’t with other people. I have finally come around to the whole Hydra Cap and Secret Empire (I binged a bunch of issues last weekend), but his one just didn’t draw me in. This is 3 different stories, each spotlighting a different character (Namor, Giant Man, Gwen Pool). The Gwen Pool story made me laugh, but it wasn’t enough to make me rush out to get #2.


Spider-Man #17 By Brian Michael Bendis / Artist: Oscar Bazaldua

This issue centers mostly around Bombshell. A fun introduction to the character, but she gets pretty messed up by Hammerhead and then is in a hospital bed. The interesting thing about this issue, is Miles’s line of protecting and simply fucking people up out of anger is blurring. There is a rage inside him. Bendis almost lost me on Miles during Civil War II just because most of his issues were rehashes and reprinting panels from other books. I felt cheated during Civil War. But now Miles is getting a little more dimension to him and I’m back in! Can’t wait to see how this progresses.

Spider-Man/Deadpool #18

By Joe Kelly / Artist: Ed McGuinness

A great ending for a great creative team. Joe Kelly and Ed McGuinness made a series that had me eagerly awaiting the next issue. The series (aside from one issue that Joe Kelly didn’t write) has always delivered and been a book I always recommend to my friends. This issue has Spidey questioning who he is and what he can do. Wearing the Superior Spider-Man costume that Otto Octavius created, he sets out to kill Itsy-Bitsy. I love seeing a darker Parker, because at the end of the day, you know he will find a way out (ex. See Amazing Spider-Man #28). Fortunately for him, Wade knows himself very well. He kills. Wade does what Spidey can’t and should do by killing Itsy-Bitsy himself… but with a little trickery. Wade fights the whole issue to find another way, some way to win without sacrificing the purity of Spidey’s soul. The way Joe Kelly writes it shows how deeply Wade cares not only about Spidey, but about his friendship with him. It’s changed him for the better and he is willing to sacrifice anything to protect it, including his handsome face. Mephisto normally makes me laugh with just how ridiculous of a character he is, but he is very well written in this issue and I want to see more of him like this. Sad to see Joe Kelly and Ed McGuinness go, but I am excited to see where Spidey and Deadpool go next!

The Amazing Spider-Man #28 By Dan Slott / Artist: Stuart Immonen

Spidey always finds a way! The Osborn Identity has been one of my favorite arcs as of late. Bringing back Silver Sable, Norman is crazy as ever, Harry dealing with former last name and trying to move on from it. Spidey’s quips are cheesy and great as always, but the best comes from his observations of what’s going on like when Silver Sable rally’s the troops. This was the perfect ending to this arc. Norman taking away Spidey’s powers and turning his own outfit tech against him. It is Peter Parker vs. Norman Osborn. Parker (as always) finds a way to win, but Norman gets away. The b story of this issue is also great! Silver Sable in an awesome sword fight (although I wish I saw more of this), Mockingbird saving the town by dismantling a missile that is plunging towards its targets, and then Aunt May and Harry on site to help the people recover. Basically the women save the city like the bad ass ladies they are. Looks like Gobbie is coming back soon! But first Superior Oc?! Yes please!


The Unstoppable Wasp #6 By Jeremy Whitley / Artist: Elsa Charretier

This has been such a fun series! I want more Nadia in my life! No matter how crappy of a day I’m having, seeing Nadia interact with Jarvis or Murdock (Mr. Modok) just makes me happy. A very good end to this recent arc. Seeing all the ladies of G.I.R.L. using their brains to win while Nadia stalled for time. YAY SCIENCE! Shay’s enthusiasm to stick her hand is people’s heads with her Vision gloves makes me laugh really hard. I love the team they have built and I can’t wait to see where they go next. I’m hoping to get more Mother, because I love Sciencey battles!


And now, the rest of DC!


Aquaman #24 By Dan Abnett / Artist: Scot Eaton

This is the story I have been waiting for! Aquaman started off strong for me, but lost me a little bit during the Deadwater arc. This new arc is everything I wanted. Arthur is overthrown and Atlantis is headed back to the dark ages.  I love the way that Abnett is showing how the Atlantians fear the progress that Arthur is attempting to achieve by working with the surface. It’s very… human. I am excited to see how this story plays out over the next few issues. With Arthur plummeting back to Atlantis, what will Mera do? Will Tula and Mera team up for an awesome rescue mission? Will Murk have a change of conscious and help Arthur, or will his duty be what leads him? Did the whales make it out before the Crown of Thornes closed?! Can’t wait for #25!


Bane Conquest #2 By Doug Moench / Artist: Graham Nolan

In a word… meh. I love the character of Bane. With arcs like I am Suicide and I am Bane (my favorite Bane arc since Knightfall) by Tom King, I was expecting a lot going into Bane Conquest, which may be the problem. It’s not a bad book, it’s just not one I think I will continue. The story itself jumps around and feels a bit clunky. I find myself having to go back a few pages or panels to try and figure out how we got to where we are in the story. The artwork is fun, but again, I have been reading Bane stories where David Finch is the artist, so I may have gone into this with different expectations. I’m not 100% sure about the Bruce and Bane teaming up. I’m ok with Bruce teaming up with his rogues from time to time, but there doesn’t seem to be any reluctance from Bruce, or Bane for that matter. Like they are old drinking buddies almost. I think this book came out too early or too late, but with how good I am Suicide and I am Bane were, it’s hard not to compare them to Conquest. I will (like I do with all titles before I drop them) read through issue #3 and decide if this stays on my pull list, but something big would need to happen.


Deathstroke#20 By Christopher Priest / Artist: Carlo Pagulayan

I want to like this title so bad! I really really want to like it, but I just can’t get into it. I started reading the first arc and made it about 5 or 6 issues in before I finally had to drop it from my pull list. The artwork is great, but it is just soooo slow, and I just don’t give a crap about Slade, which is sad because I normally love him! What’s not to love?! I picked up #20 partly to see what would become of Slade after the Lazarus Contract, as well as hoping that I could get back into this title. Unfortunately, I was disappointed in both respects. I know this title gets a lot of praise, and I think people should read it and decide for themselves, but I’m putting a hard pass on this title for a while.


Green Arrow #24 By Benjamin Percy / Artist: Juan Ferreyra

Seattle has crumbled. Ollie is still dead in the eyes of the public, and the 9th circle’s plans are in motion. At first glance, I will admit that I was…cautious. I like splash pages to emphasize something, or to show a big battle, but I do feel like they can be abused and it looked like that may be the case with this issue, but I was very pleasantly surprised. The artwork by Ferreyra has always been something that puts this title towards the top of my list every week it comes out. Percy seems to know Ollie and Green Arrow as well as anyone working for DC right now and he is bringing back a love for the character that the CW show Arrow killed for me. Ollie finds out some more about his family history and it drives him more to fight for his city, but not as Green Arrow. The city is ran by people with masks and now Ollie must be the champion for the people. It did make me laugh that he gets arrested immediately after saying he is going to get his company back. Very excited to see how this all plays out.

Green Lanterns #24

By Sam Humphries / Artist: Carlo Barberi

This was my favorite issue from DC (aside from Batman) this week. First off, issue #23 ends with Jessica doing what every GL reader has wanted to do at some point, she punched Guy with in the face! This issue picks up with Guy reacting the way we thought, with a big ol’ smile of approval. Jessica has become one of my favorite characters as of late. Her crippling anxiety, which plays a huge factor in everything she does, is all too familiar to me and some people close to me. The way she struggled with making constructs, hiding out of fear or doubt, feeling like she is unworthy to even have the ring, it all resonates in a very strong way. We should all have a Kilawog in our life. So much wisdom from this Poozer. The Emerald Star helps bring Jessica back from losing it all and she ends up beating up Guy to earn he Lantern. I loved seeing Simon reach outside of himself. His training session with Kyle was just so much fun to both read and watch unfold in the artwork. The constructs were new and we got to see them use their rings in ways we don’t always get to see. Volthoom is getting closer to his goal, but I have to wonder if Ganthet or any of the other Guardians will catch on to the fact that this is not Rami at all. He has his sights set on Jessica’s power ring, so we should see Jessica going full GL soon and finally prove to herself that she belongs.

Justice League #22 By Shea Fontana / Philippe Briones

A very fun one shot. I’ve gone back and forth with JL since it came out. Team titles can become a little all over the place, and JL did start that way, but with Endless and this one shot, I think they have found their footing and I’m very excited to see where they go. Jessica is big part of this issue (big week for Jess) and this time it isn’t just to go on a date with Barry (not a fan of this relationship). The training between Wonder Woman and the Lanterns is a lot of fun. The interaction between Jon and… well everyone else is very honest (I mean who wouldn’t run to give Cyborg a high 5 on the Watchtower?) My favorite part of this issue though, is the small back and forth between Lois Lane and Batman, where Lois reminds the world’s greatest detective, that she is one of the world’s greatest journalists. Can’t wait for the new arc to start with #23!


Nightwing #22 By Tim Seeley / Artist: Miguel Mendonca

FINALLY, WE GET SOME BLOCKBUSTER!!!!...sort of. This is a nice start to this new arc, and true to the Seeley writing style, he is letting this arc breath, which I love. We get to see this new Blockbuster (brother of the old Blockbuster) as an enforcer in a Casino in the Blud. When he catches a guy counting cards, we get to see his ruthless boss, Tigershark. I have a soft spot in my heart for ridiculous villains and ridiculous costumes. Tigershark fits both. First off he looks like Danny Rand (or Matt Murdock in the early days of DD) if he was a pimp. I want that jacket. There, I said it. We see the card counter chained up and thrown into Tigershark’s shark tank and then a Tiger comes and nuzzles up on Tigershark while they watch the counter get devoured. YES PLEASE! His office looks like Kraven the Hunter’s wet dream and it fills me with so much joy. Speaking of wet dream; Holy Skinamax scene (minus the good part... is there a good part of skinamax? Aaanyways) Batman! Look, I have a little crush on Shawn Tsang and my wife is cool with it, so don’t judge me. The scene between her and Dick is great (aside from the filth that was going on in my brain juices). Dick came to the Blud after his time with Raptor so that he could figure out who Dick Grayson was without Nightwing, without the Bat, without Gotham, but he was forced (was he though) to be the protector of Bludhaven. Shawn has been a needed support system for Dick to remind him that he is not just Nightwing. A flash back to Babs on the roof helps reinforce to Dick what he must do, aside from finding a job that pays before his Spiral checks run out. The main story of this seems pretty simple, which excites me because it looks like Seeley will be diving into the mind state of Grayson, and this may be a bit of a turning point for him. It continues to be one of my favorite lines. My only request is that we see MORE Grayson and Wally team ups in the future (see Nightwing #21)!


Superman #24 By Patrick Gleason and Peter J. Tomasi / Artist: Patrick Gleason and Doug Mahnke

 I’ve been going back and forth on this issue. We’ll start with what I liked. This arc has been very exciting so far. We are finally seeing where the people of Hamilton county come from (this town feels like the Black Hammer town, only reversed) and we get Manchester Black! Black does the stereotype villain thing and gives Sups ALL the info about how he got back to earth and what his plan is, but there is a lot of action in this issue as well. The artwork is beautiful and it sucks you in to every panel. Seeing Jon taken over by Black is also a bit terrifying, seeing as how even Bats knows that Jon’s powers can be more than we predict. Sups gets some back up that is sure to make the finale of this arc (#25) an explosive one. The thing that worries me is that Jon is only going to be used as a plot device the same way that Lois has been used in the past, as someone who needs rescuing… a lot. He has become the Carl Grimes of the Superman line. I like Jon much more in Super Sons because we get to see him go to work as Superboy, and I hope we get a stronger Jon as an effect of this arc. Superman has been (and continues to be) one of the best titles in the DC line up, and I’m excited to see where they go, I just can’t help but wish that Jon becomes a likeable character and not just a reason for Sups to go fight a villain.



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Keep an eye out for my first actual review later this week! I got the chance to read Dark Days: The Forge by Scott Snyder! Make sure to pick that up and tune in on Wednesday as we talk about our adventures at Phoenix Comicon!