Ep #2: Doctor Strange Nerd Out w/ Shannon Heuscher

Shannon Strange

Heath, Paul, and I hang out with our wonderfully nerdy friend Shannon Heuscher and talk about her favorite character, Doctor Strange! We talk about our favorite parts of the movie, who else we would have cast as The Ancient One, and of course BennyCumz! Obviously we talk a LOT about the books! The Way of The Weird, Magic Bullets, Sorcerer Supreme choose your own adventure, and what Strange title we think everyone should read (Spoiler... actually no, no it's not a spoiler! Go read The Oath by Brian K. Vaughan!)


* Bonus Stuff! *

Seriously... after you're done with this episode, go to your local comic shop and pick this up. 

While you're there, get The Way of the Weird by Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo! The writing and the artwork are incredible! Go read it!

This is Misery... terrifying.


We met Chris Bachalo at Phoenix Comicon last week! He nerded out with us for about 15 minutes about Doctor Strange, comics, and artwork. He opened up Shannon's Doctor Strange #1 and pointed ouT a specific panel...

Chris Bachalo told us to tell Jason Aaron (if we ever met him) how much we loved the Teddy Bear. 

Make sure to check out Doctor Strange #20 in stores today. Thank you Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo for an amazing run that helped bring a new life to Doctor Strange! You will be missed.


This is one of the books Paul was talking about! Namor, Hulk, and Doctor Strange with Silver Surfer?! Yes please!

CYOA Strange.jpg

Who doesn't love a good choose your own adventure?

This? Well this is just for Shannon. Thanks for hanging out with us!


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