Ep #55: Nerd Time with Shannon!

The Latch Key Kidz had their first official rehearsal for Phoenix Fan Fusion 2019! A.T. and Paul nerd out with Shannon Heuscher after the episodes have been watched (and boy are they terrible).

Make sure to come check out the Latch Key Kidz redub episodes of X-Man (TAS) & Batman (TAS) live at Phoenix Fan Fusion in Phoenix, AZ!

Latch Key Kidz Presents: Batman the Animated Series / Friday, May 24th / Room 222 ABC / 4:30 PM

Latch Key Kidz Presents: X-Men the Animated Series (18+) / Saturday, May 25th / Room 222 ABC / 7:30 PM




Theme Song:  Bit Quest Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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