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Game On Expo 2019 #1 - War of Ages

Game On Expo 2019 #1 - War of Ages

War of Ages panel - Live from the Phoenix Convention Center for Day 1 of the Phoenix Game On Expo

Thank you to everyone who came out to nerd with us, and to our incredible programmers Ashleigh & Christal


Anthony Thornton

Paul Broccolo

Elijah Grisby

Patrick Fjeld

Ep #60: Pre-Game On!

Ep #60: Pre-Game On!

The boys sit down to talk about The Boys, Harlery Quinn (DC Universe), and the announcement of Kevin Conroy making his live-action Batman debut (90’s kids rejoice!). Paul & A.T. talk comics and talk final preparations for the Game On Expo! In Phoenix,  Arizona (Phoenix Convention Center/ August 9-11).

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War of Ages

-          Friday 6:00 PM

-          Room 154

Fight Night Redub: Injustice 2 (PS4)

-          Saturday 4:30 PM

-          Room 153

Character Clash

-          Sunday 3:00 PM

-          Room 154